Don’t Get Left Behind

Like any other industry, construction continues to evolve to keep pace with changes in the economy, technology, and North America’s building and infrastructure needs. Work opportunities also change and jobs that were once plentiful may become non-existent, while jobs we hadn’t dreamed of years ago are suddenly in high demand. That is where LIUNA Training and Education Fund comes in.   


LIUNA Training provides the keys to success for LIUNA Construction Craft Laborers. From accredited curriculum to instructor certification, LIUNA Training has the programs and services to meet the needs of LIUNA members, union contractors and the industry. Nearly every state or province has at least one local/regional LIUNA training center that offers the skills and knowledge for the in-demand jobs in your area. Whether at a fixed center or in a mobile unit the education you need is close at hand.   


Career-long training as a LIUNA Construction Craft Laborer could be the best way to build a recession proof career. LIUNA's network of training centers is designed to help LIUNA members adapt to the changes in the industry and keep you working.