Consider a Career as a Construction
Craft Laborer (CCL)


If the future you dream about includes a good, solid job that can’t be outsourced, one that pays well enough to support a family, offers health benefits and retirement plans and opportunities to grow then you’ve come to the right place.  


As a LIUNA Construction Craft Laborer (CCL), you could be building bridges, roads and tunnels. Help to fashion city skylines, protect and clean up the environment by removing hazardous materials, weatherizing homes, and using the latest technologies in green construction. It’s exciting work that you will never be bored doing. CCLs perform many different types of jobs and as a LIUNA member training for those jobs costs you nothing.  


Whether you are a LIUNA apprentice just starting out or a seasoned LIUNA CCL looking to master a new skill, your local LIUNA training center can help you prepare for the jobs that are in demand now and in the future.