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Earn While You Learn

Today, working as a LIUNA Construction Craft Laborer (CCL) is more varied and far-reaching than ever, ranging from commercial building to residential construction; from environmental cleanup to pollution prevention; from highway construction to plant demolition – and much more. 


LIUNA CCLs tunnel beneath rivers and build scaffolds to the sky. They use powerful tools and equipment such as plasma-arc welders and drills. They help create a better world, responding to disasters, improving homes, and removing toxic materials. LIUNA members have been a part of monumental structures across North America: the Hoover Dam, Alaska Pipeline, Sky Dome Sports Stadium, and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, just to name a few.   


How can you be a part of exciting projects like those? LIUNA’s apprenticeship program is the best place to get started. Where else can you earn a living wage while you study your new craft? Plus, LIUNA’s apprenticeship programs have established reciprocal agreements with many community colleges. Completing your apprentice program can provide you with 30 or more semester hours of college credit toward a degree. And as a LIUNA member, you are always eligible for career-long learning and skill development at state-of-the-art training centers located across North America.   


As a LIUNA apprentice you will receive progressive wage increases through on-the-job-learning and related training requirements. As your skills, knowledge and experience increases, so does your rate of pay. Once you graduate from apprentice to journey-worker you will have a solid foundation to build a successful career upon.  


Contact your local LIUNA representative and get started today!